Meet Our Team

The master of body transformation

Cindy Feltman-Angulo, 
Chief Executive Officer

Cindy Feltman Trainer

Cindy Feltman Angulo, a 20+ year fitness professional raised in Indiana, graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Exercise Science and wellness (Cum Laude). Quenching her thirst for knowledge, wanting to conquer being an overweight child, she had obtained a variety of fitness certifications like ACSM, NASM, CSCS, ACE, AFAA, and FMS which has given her an analytical edge and the know how to get a physical result. She is no longer held hostage by her physical past; she has nationally qualified in body building, fitness, physique, and figure. Her passion for fitness is undeniable, and she inspires those around her with her "can do attitude." She also suffered low back problems most of her life which led to a low back surgery shortly after 2 C Sections. With her back limitations, Cindy focused on her rehab and began to explore and create her Flexion /Extension theory which led to the innovative and cutting edge FX BOOM Fitness System.

 Cindy has been a motivator and a creative and strategic problem solver in the group exercise, personal training, and fitness manager world. She is the the "bridge" for her clients to reach their goals physically and emotionally. Her client base has consisted of all ages, fitness levels, limitations, and diseases, especially neurological diseases.

Cindy is committed to finding solutions to the injuries that are caused by the way we live life and current exercise techniques that may have worked in the past, but is anot conducive to our current lifestyle. Many fitness professionals are injured and teaching what they learned, not knowing that it may be contributing to their injuries, and blaming old age for the reason. Not only that, their participants are suffering from some of the same injuries. Since we are all on the same team, Cindy has created a solution to reeducate individuals to become more body aware and gain insight on effective programming with her Flexion/Extension theory, so we can overcome those challenges. She has discovered a system that not only transforms pain to pleasure in world of fitness, but her participants now find the joy in working out with a new found vision of success.