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My name is Cindy Feltman Angulo 

Cindy Feltman Angulo, a native Hoosier and ASU graduate student who has always been into fitness from an early age. She overcame being overweight & insecure in childhood to become one of America's most experienced professional trainers and athletes today with more than 20 national certifications! She has been a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for more than 25 years, and worked extensively in Arizona’s most exclusive health clubs, the Villages Health and Spa. When she is not working, you can find her exploring new adventures with her kids or coaching Club Volleyball. 


Cindy’s story is one of resilience and courage. She found the strength and knowledge to overcome her obesity and multiple overuse injuries along the way, even when it seemed like she wouldn't be able too--her dedication paid off with an increased passion for fitness that led Cindy down a path towards winning various bodybuilding and fitness competitions at all levels including national ones! She even overcame a low back injury and surgery which led to her creation of the FX BOOM fitness System. Traditional body building routines using DBs and machine along with various group exercise formats such as step, boxing, bootcamp, and CrossFit led Cindy to a thinner body, but an very unbalanced body with overuse injuries and daily pain. Now considering she is educated, what must it be like for those that are not educated??? She saw an opportunity to create a corrective core training system that activates muscles that people do not realize they are missing while they do some of the traditional and popular training methods today. Today Cindy is in the “best shape of her Life” and is able to inspire and teach others to do the same. 


Cindy also has developed a FX BOOM 3D Strength Fitness Rig that can be set up in a gym, an office, or even your home in the garage, bedroom, or porch area. The FX BOOM Fitness Rig is designed to provide users with a safe and secure training environment that can be customized to their specific needs. The rig is made from a sturdy steel construction and features various attachment points to vary height and location of attachment needed in respect to the body’s orientation to accommodate different training modalities. The rig is also great for those looking to add a more dynamic 3 dimensional element to their workout as the rig can be used with various resistance tools such as TRX bands, weights, cables, and aerial silks. The FX BOOM Fitness Rig is an excellent addition to any home or commercial gym and is sure to provide a customized unique and challenging workout experience.


Another unique tool and patented technology that Cindy has created out of necessity while working with individuals with limitations and injuries is the revolutionary Traxx Health Trainer. This unique double dolly device is perfect way to get a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home, office, gym or park. This health trainer is light and portable and can be assembled in less than 5 minutes, making it the ideal choice for busy individuals. The stable and non slip dollies slides along a track that can be anchored to a door or heavy object, and it has variable settings administered by resistance bands that can be configured multiple ways. With the Traxx Health Trainer you can perform traditional exercises using dumbbells, cables, and more, as well as Pilates reformer-like exercises and ground reaction training drills. It is perfect for core, glutes, and lateral training, warming up for sports as well as yoga and flexibility training. Not to mention, it is great for all ages and easy to learn and use. 


Cindy in her free time, is a coach and trainer who has been working for 25 years. She's also found success as an instructor in volleyball, with the ability to teach beginners starting from “this is a volleyball” to picking apart people’s weaknesses while building them up into stronger programs that focus on those needs perfectly!

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****Still Current with CEUs

-CPR and AED Red Cross renewed every year

-Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ BS in Exercise Science and Wellness (May )2000 
-American College of Sports Medicine- Health Fitness Instructor Certification (June 2000)
-National Academy of Sports Medicine -OPT (May 2002) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (2021)
-National Strength and Conditioning Specialist- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (June 2000)
-American Council on Exercise- Personal Trainer (May 1998) and Clinical Exercise Specialist (Aug 2000)
-Aerobics and Fitness Association of America- Group Exercise Instructor (April 1994) Weight Room Specialist (Sept 1997) and Personal Trainer (April 1996)
-TPI Golf Level 1 trainer (Dec 2017)
-Landmark Education Curriculum for Living Graduate and Introduction Leader (Feb 2008)

-Yoga Body Yoga Trapeze ( Jan 2021) and 200 Hour Instructor ( Jan 2022)

-Pain-free Performance Specialist Certification (Nov 2020)

-Fit Fighter Level 1 Cert (Feb 2021)

-Currently working on Academy of Applied Movement Neurology Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification 
*****Working with various Medical professionals in MD, Neurologists, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, NMD, Military Personnel, and Elementary Education on how my methodology and findings apply to all the various areas of science using my inventions the FX BOOM Fitness System Product Line and FlexEx Methodology.

Other Previous Certifications that may have expired
-Gravity Trainers Certification (2006)
-IMG academies Ignite 360 (was Combine 360) certified (2012)
-FMS Level 1 and Level 2 (2013 and 2014)
-Dotfit with Exerspy Armband by Body Media (2013)
-Apex Certification (Jan 2001)
-International Fitness Professionals Association- Personal Trainer (May 1997) and - -Sports Nutrition (May 1997)
-Johnny G Spinning Certified (June 1995)
-Kickfit Kickboxing Certified (Dec 1997)
-Turbo Kickboxing Certified (Jan 2002)
-24 Cycle Certified (Jan 2003)
-Reebok Cycle Certified (Sept 1999)
-Attends ACSM and IDEA conferences every year to learn new trends since1994

Bodybuilding/ Fitness Competitions
Unique thing is after I lost 75 pounds I have qualified nationally in

4 categories. Body building, fitness, Figure and Physique. 
1998 NPC Arizona 3rd place bodybuilding 
2001 NPC Arizona 1st place bodybuilding (national qualifier)
2005 INBA fitness 5th Place (national qualifier)
2005 ms fitness USA 16th
2006 Fitness America Pageant 10th
***had kid 1 12/31/08
2009 NPC Arizona figure 2nd (national qualifier)
2010 NPC USA  Figure 16th
****Had kid 2 7/25/11 and low back surgery 5/4/12
2012 July NPC USA  Figure 16th

2013 February Arnold Classic 
2013 NPC USA  Figure 16th
2013 NPC  Arizona Physique 2nd (national qualified)
2014 NPC Cal state Figure 2nd and Physique 3rd
2014 muscle beach Figure 1st 
2014 NPC USA  Figure 16th
2016 Fitness America Pageant Figure 5th

first bodybuiding competition Cindy Angulo 1998
Cindyu Angulo over the years competing in fitness
Cindy Angulo competing in Figure 2012
Cindy Angulo competitng Bodybuiding NPC Natural 1st place 2001
ms. fitness USA compeition Cindy Angulo  2008
before and after cindy angulo 1998 biggest weight loss
Cindy angulo Figure 2009  2nd place national qualifier
pumping up for arnold classic figure compeititon  cindy Angulo 2013
2013 Local show figure competition
Fitness America Pageant 2016 cindy angulo
muscle beach bodybuilding show fitness competition cindy angulo 1st place and overall
1998 Cindy Angulo up to 38 percent body fat


Get in Touch

Welcome to the FX BOOM FITNESS system, 3D strength rig and the Traxx trainer. This revolutionary fitness training company is taking the industry by storm! We know you want to be at your best, and our innovative products are designed to help you achieve your goals. We specialize in developing creative fitness training products that support realignment of your body, enhancing your natural movements so you can feel confident and strong. First we identify possible muscular imbalances which may lead to poor posture, pain, performance issues, or other health concerns. We then reset the inhibited muscles and then reintegrate it back into the proper motor pattern. 


Our unique approach is unlike anything you've experienced before. We use kinesthetic sensations in addition to visual and verbal cues in a way that can be very effective in teaching body awareness. With our products, you'll feel connected to your body like never before, helping you to achieve new levels of functionality and performance. Great for beginners to even the most advanced athletes. Great for group training especially in regard to the customization of each individual regardless of their fitness level. 

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