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The FX BOOM Fitness System has been shown to improve posture by correcting muscular imbalances we may have, and not realize. Even by just wearing a FX BOOM Belt one can feel and experience the proper muscle recruitment and improved alignment. Get set up for an assessment and get started today!

Do you find that you have poor posture and that it has gotten worse as you age? The FX BOOM Fitness System™ stimulates and trains your core/abs to achieve ideal posture. It creates a kinesthetic awareness of what your core could and should be. You can experience perfect posture by wearing the FX BOOM Fitness Belt and Straps™ appropriate for your body dominance.

Are you engaged in activities where you sit for extended periods such as your office or your car? The FX BOOM Belt can assist you in ensuring proper alignment during this time.

Do you have abs without definition or a sagging or flat butt?

The FX BOOM Fitness System™can stimulate your nervous system in a way that your abs and gluteus will fully engage during exercises and the FX BOOM Fitness Workout™ reinforces activities essential to optimum symmetry.


Pictures to See the Changes

Keep a log of picture progress.


Checking Joint By Joint 

Do a joint by joint analysis and recheck changes


Test for Flexion/ Extension 

Take the quiz to find your body dominance and use the FX BOOM Fitness System accordingly to fix any imbalances

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