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The FX BOOM Fitness System™ creates a neurological warm up that allows the body to function as a unit while strengthening weaknesses. It enhances performance by identifying key positions and/or sports to play and how to reverse over-development to ensure healthy joints protected from injury. Imagine when you run, it takes a while to “warm up”…but what is really happening is you start running with fewer muscles and as you continue more muscles are recruited creating a “lighter” feel. The FX BOOM Fitness Belt provides immediate response for most users.

Lynn Marriot and Pia Nilsson 

Golf coaches and Co-founders of VISION54

"Cindy is the best trainer we have ever worked with, and here is why. Her competence is impressive and she stays on the journey of constant learning. Her passion and care for what she does to help people get more fit is contagious. She is so creative and make sure every session is unique and fun."

Testimonials Written by University/ Medical
***Reminder, AHA has been rebranded to FX BOOM Fitness System since this testimonial was received.

The AHA belt gave me a great awareness of keeping good posture. As a distance runner and endurance coach who focuses on proper running technique and bio-mechanics, I was impressed with how the belt helped me to focus on better  body integration and executing proper movement patterns. The concept of working with flexion and extension dominance makes a lot of sense to me, and the belt is a great way to help address imbalances that we all develop through out our lives with our athletic activities and work habits.   

I fit into the extension category and was impressed with how the belt gave me good perception of feeling more powerful in my typically weak areas. I am a great believer in neuromuscular stimulation as a way to make positive changes for people with long-term chronic weaknesses, imbalances and pain, and I think that the AHA belt has great potential to address these conditions that might otherwise go undiagnosed and are often thought to be untreatable. 


Lynn McFadden 

Endurance athlete and coach 

BAsketball player testimonial
teressa suffers a stroke and yet hikes a mountain from training with the FX BoOM Fitness system
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