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3D Strength Training
What is it and why?

3D Training is important as researched and taught by the well known Grey Institute...

"We focus on function vs. injury.
That’s to say, the source of a knee injury might not be the knee itself; there’s a greater chance it is the result of how other areas of the body—such as the foot, hip and thoracic spine—interact with the knee during movement.

We consider all planes of functional movement vs. taking a one-dimensional approach.
Humans are multi-dimensional beings, and our natural movements obviously reflect that. Our joints and muscles move in three planes of motion: sagittal (forward and back), frontal (side to side), and transverse (rotation). For example, when we run, as the right leg hits the ground, the joint and muscles move through all three planes of motion, accelerating and decelerating as needed.

We create the appropriate exercise for the individual vs. letting the exercise choose you.
Traditional strengthening exercises can be ineffective for specific people, based on various factors, such as age, activity level, previous medical history, and more. The functional approach evaluates the total athlete and incorporates flexibility, strength, balance and cardiovascular in developing targeted exercises."


What's New...

Orienting yourself with gravity can be a bit challenging to elicit the 3D effects on your body as described in the other articles. After Cindy created her steel rig to hold her FX BOOM Fitness System while her clients worked out, she quickly realized the potential of this new tool she had created. Not only is it easy to use and affordable for homes, schools, gyms, parks is literally unlimited in creative options to deliver the ultimate 3D training experience. Cables machines can be good, but usually they only offer one maybe two dimensions of training while the 3D Strength Rig easily offers all 3 dimensions at the same time. Prehab has never been so easy, fun and effective. Using the popular 3D training methods, Cindy and her 3D Strength Rig have leveled up the programming.

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