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Katie and Taylor

“Cindy is honestly one of the best coaches I have ever witnessed. As a former athlete and medical professional myself, I have so much admiration and respect for the work she does. It's more than just bringing the athlete up several skill levels. She also works with athletes on mental and physical level, beyond what I have ever seen. We had more progress in a few months with Cindy than the years if school and club volleyball. I cannot say enough good things and highly recommend Cindy for yourself and your athlete"

Morgan and Dylan

volleyball testimonial at Village health club and spa

Nicole Jennings, Former University of Florida Volleyball Player and Mom

"Cindy is the most knowledgeable, fun and innovative trainer I have ever worked with. She has such an in depth knowledge of the human body and how it works. Her drills are always changing and are targeted to reach very specific goals, and customized for each client she works with.

With the girls volleyball programs she works with, Cindy has what seems like endless supply of creative, thoughtful, and usually competitive drills that make the girls improve within a span of just one session, and ocver the course of a season, Cindy develops the girls into well-rounded skillful players. 

Also, this woman deeply cares about people! She puts so much energy and passion into everything she does, everyday. I can't say enough wonderful things about Cindy!"








nicole jennings volleyball
Amy and Reese
"My 11 year old daughter has been playing volleyball for a few years but has never had private lessons, so I wasn't sure what to expect, as I was pleasantly surprised. Cindy is a great coach, extremely encouraging and positive, is so much fun for the girls, and we saw and almost immediate significant improvement in her skills. I highly recommend her and would absolutely use her again- she is awesome"
volleyball lessons at cheyenne middle school

Michelle and Addison

“My daughter was an inexperienced volleyball player when she began training with Coach Cindy. Cindy's coaching style helped my daughter grow physically and mentally into an aspiring volleyball player. Coach Cindy's positive attitude and belief in developing self confidence in players made all the difference to my daughter. On top of developing a healthy mindset, my daughter was taught important skills and techniques to make her more effective on the court.
Cindy's coaching style builds a positive team environment through encouragement and using teachable moments to correct techniques when needed. I would highly recommend partnering with Coach Cindy to help your athlete improve and develop their skills. She is awesome!!”

Kristen and Jessica

victorium volleyball rec and juniors program
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