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Pain Relief

Would it be great if you could just put a FX BOOM Belt on and have your pain lessen or even disappear...Well it has happened many times before and maybe it can happen for you. The realignment of the FX BOOM Belt, deep core muscle activation, in conjunction to training with the FX BOOM Fitness system has had a tremendous effect on people's daily pain. 

Pain Relief in Daily Activities

Do you have nagging pain or an old injury that never seems to go away not matter what you do? The FX BOOM Fitness System™ in conjunction with the FX BOOM Fitness Workout™ programs can help identify the problem, strategize solutions, and minimize or eventually eliminate the pain rather than simply achieve temporary relief.​

Do you have chronic back pain? The FX BOOM Fitness Belt supports the back and alleviates pain by strengthening the area of weakness.

The FX BOOM Belt can add support especially in your daily routine. It not only supports you but can literally help you "Train out of Pain."  Here are some examples of how the FX BOOM Belt helps anywhere...

House Chores, Cooking, Yardwork, Long Car Rides, Holding Kids, Playing with Kids, Moving, Walking the Dog, Desk Job, and much more...

Deb Stillman
"I am so blessed and grateful to have me Cindy with the FX BOOM Belt. It changed my life and how I was able to move easily and painlessly through my daily life and workouts."

Pain Relief in Workout

Working out with the FX BOOM Belt and Fitness System will aid you in proper alignment in the gym. Many times as we are trying to get healthier we end up hurting ourselves more or we continue to aggrevate existing injuries. This is a unique kinesthetic trainer that allows us to fix our imbalances we may or may not be aware of and it allows us to do more activities safely. Even educated and experienced trainers have the "wow" effect. That is why our tagine is "Now I Can."

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