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Cynthia Glaser

Costco VP General Merchandising Manager

"In early February of 2023 I finally motivated myself to seek physical exercise again in my life. For multiple reasons I had been on a path of being sedentary. At the age of 66, having retired from a fast pace executive position for just short of 30 years, it was imperative I find a path to wellness.
My goal - feel better, be mobile & pain free while establishing core strength and balance.
What Ms. Cindy Angulo offers is not just an informed incredibly unique approach to building pain free physical strength and mobility through her BOOM belt and apparatus system.  Most importantly her educated approach and intuitive mindset is quite brilliant.
Cindy’s mindset is to continually use her wisdom of educated experience to put her clients on a path of structural wellness.
In these past couple months I am appreciating extraordinary balance improvement, and I am no longer experiencing the multitude physical challenges presented prior to my engagement in BOOM. 
Cindy is NOT someone who trains via mundane repetition. 
She trains through watching and listening to each individual.
Cindy’s extraordinary thought processes and innovative approach is uplifting and inspiring.  Cindy is exemplary in her path to wellness and I look forward to her continued coaching."

Julie Bobier

"I have been working with Cindy for 5 years (I am now 70). When I began training I had zero core strength. With the help of the FX BOOM Belt and the 3D strength Rig, I am now able to fire my abs with any exercises she shows me. I am also happy to say I can do men's push ups wearing my FX BOOM Belt because I know how to engage my core now.
I also have increased my bone mineral density into the good range from all of the strength training I do with Cindy. 
I actually look forward to my strength training days especially because Cindy is always changing up the sessions so you never get bored."

Steve Karlowski,

Special K Retiree

"My personal trainer Cindy Angulo rates a 10! Why...

*Amazing energy

*25 years of experience in the industry

*Numerous certifications in all facets of the business

*Group trainer in yoga, spin, boxing, rope flow, volleyball to name a few

*Personal trainer M-F at Village Health Club in DC Ranch

*Raves from current and former clients

*If your personal training needs don't add up to a 10 call Cindy Angulo. She will exceed your expectations"

Leah Corbus

Financial Advisor and Golfer

"Cindy is an excellent trainer. Patient and good listener. Very experienced in sport and other injuries and wants to train you to help prevent further injuries. Very Creative and uses the latest technology with FX BOOM Belts and the 3D Strength Rig and of course the Traxx Trainer. I love her core strengthening. She helped motivate me to WANT to workout again!"

Shanna Sadeh

Phychologist and Attorney

"Cindy has transformed how I understand my body and experience movement. I have had chronic pain and limitations in my activities since my 20s...I am mid-40s and remarkably i am more able to run, jump, lift and have fun in my body. It's hard to describe what Cindy gives me because her techniques are so new and creative. I encourage everyone to have and open mind and let Cindy reveal the strength and power of their bodies."

Monica Ek, SVP, Human Resource Business Partner

I just started training with Cindy at the beginning of March. I had a specific expectation on how I wanted to train and was looking for support, accountability, and consistency. Cindy listened to my request and asked me if I would try out a session using her method and traditional strength training. It was a no brainer after I tried out her method using the FX BOOM Belt and the 3D Strength Training Rig. She paid attention to how my body responded and corrected some bad habits. I was also able to isolate muscles that I had trouble engaging with traditional strength training. After two months my body composition is changing and I am playing tennis and golf so much better due to having increased mobility. I look forward to continuing to look and feel better using Cindy's methods.

Christine Wissman

Financial Advisor

"Personal, thoughtful and innovative! Cindy is a true innovator in sports training. She incorporates proven training data with two decades of experience to develop new ways to train that are not only effective, they also greatly reduce the risk of injury which helps me train longer and harder. I initially signed up with Cindy for general training. That has evolved to help me train for competitive swimming. She thinks through movement, flexibility, impact, muscle use, potential impingements to find ways to build strength that can be utilized through training sessions. Her approach has been crucial helping me achieve my goals. My strength has greatly increased and my times have dropped without straining my cranky shoulders. I am looking forward to the winter swim season! She is very supportive to my own personal goals and I witness her doing the same for each of her clients. All while having a great attitude every single day!"

Beverly Schwarz

Retired Chef

"I have been training with Cindy for 2 years. She is cognizant of my strengths and weaknesses and always watches me to make sure that I am doing the exercise compound and complex routine correctly. What I love most is that I am never bored for she is always changing up the workout and continues her self education so that she can share with you her findings. Cindy has a friendly personality, and always makes you feel that you are a very important part of who she is and what she does. My husband who has been working out with Cindy for 4 years is in the best shape of his life and that is how I was introduced to Cindy. I know why he loves her and what she does for him."

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