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FX BOOM Fitness
Founder and Master Trainer
Cindy Angulo

FX BOOM and 3D Strength
 4 P's... Posture, Pain Relief, Performance, Prevention...and Body Fat Loss

Unlock Your Full Potential with 3D Strength Training Elevate Results, Minimize Injuries

Hey there! Have you ever heard of 3D strength training? If not, you're in for a treat! This type of workout takes your fitness routine to a whole new level. Unlike traditional strength training exercises that focus on isolated muscle groups, 3D strength training incorporates movements that engage multiple muscle groups at once, mimicking real-life activities. Not only does it help you build overall strength, but it also enhances your coordination, balance, and flexibility. Plus, it adds an element of fun and variety to your workouts, making it easier to stay motivated and committed. So, if you're looking for a fresh and effective way to boost your strength and overall fitness, give 3D training a try - you won't be disappointed!


What is FX BOOM all about?

Fist bump inspired the name...
"BOOM Did It"

Our Mission


Welcome to Flex Ex Solutions LLC, the revolutionary fitness training company that's taking the industry by storm! We know you want to be at your best, and our innovative products are designed to help you achieve your goals. We specialize in developing creative fitness training products that support realignment of your body, enhancing your natural movements so you can feel confident and strong.


Our unique approach is unlike anything you've experienced before. We use kinesthetic sensations instead of just verbal or visual cues to explain muscle movement and body awareness. With our FX BOOM Fitness products, the 3D Strength Rig, and the new Traxx Trainer you'll feel connected to your body like never before, helping you to achieve new levels of functionality and performance. We strive to bridge the gap between personal training and physical therapy.

Inspired by a fist bump one day, Cindy decided to name her products after the experiences everyone was reporting while using her innovative new system of training.

*When you overcome a limitation or breakthrough a will be awarded with fist bumps from of all those around you who are inspired by your success while using the FX BOOM Fitness System.

 FX BOOM stands for...

F-Flexion (Flexion Intolerant Spine...My Personal Back)

X-Extension (Extension Intolerant Spine)

B-Body Awareness

O-Optimal Movement

O-Overcome Limitations

M-Maximize Results

Health Professionals Use FX BOOM


“A dynamic, pragmatic approach to improved neuromuscular function that can produce life changing results for many suffering through injury or recovery as well as simply improve athletic performance.”


Michael T. Murray, N.D.

Co-author, A Textbook of Natural Medicine

FX BOOM Clients...Inspiring People


Charlie Kester

Owner Lakeside Milam Recovery Centers (diagnosed with MS)

"I used to run triathlons, ski, and chase my daughters around the park.  Then I got MS.  Fast forward a few years and I am on a wheelchair order at Mayo Clinic as I have a tendency to fall and hit my head, often requiring stitches.

After two years of PT there, learning how to walk a little bit, they discharged me.  I  told my physical therapist that I still walked poorly and could not run at all.  They told me maybe there was a personal trainer somewhere that could help me. 

I went about my normal life, which included working out at my gym six times each week.  Where I was introduced to Cindy Angulo by a mutual friend, who had benefited from Cindy’s training. 

When I started with Cindy, it was obvious her training methods and tools were to say the least, unique.  Two years later, I have to say she and her methods are wonderful and have proven life changing for me. 

Cindy doesn’t talk a lot. She patiently listens, tries something, watches, listens, and adjusts.  Then she repeats the sequence as she finds the the stretches and exercises that will wake up small muscle groups allowing people to move more freely while developing
greater balance and flexibility. 

With this as a foundation she moves forward with her clients (her lots of happy clients) and helps them reach their movement and strength related goals.

Today my balance is much improved, my back no longer goes out, I can run a mile in ten minutes, row crew and have taken up golf. 

If a person feels stuck or frustrated following an injury or life occurrence, or if they would just like to try a new thoughtful way of working out, they should talk to Cindy.  I and my whole family are glad I did."



Cindy Feltman Angulo's

FX BOOM Fitness System
FX BOOM Fitness Belt
FX BOOM Fitness System and the 4Ps  Posture, Pain Relief, Performance Enhancement, and Preventiion
FX BOOM's Traxx Trainer
Cindy Angulo Demo Yoga or a Traxx Trainer
FX BOOM's 3D Strength Training Rig
Final-01 (1).jpg
Village Health Club and Spa at DC Ranch FX BOOM Fitness 3 Strength Training Rigs
Indoor 3D strength training rig in fountain hills

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